Here’s Finnegan!

We are not entirely sure what happened to Finnegan but whatever it was, it wasn’t good. He was taken to the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter with bumps, bruises, missing hair and just not wanting to move. Radiographs showed that Finnegan was suffering from a fracture of the left femur.

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Cat's Love Playing with Thread!

Simon, an 11-year-old domestic shorthair cat, presented to Gallatin Veterinary Hospital because his owner was pretty sure he had eaten a needle with some thread attached. On physical exam, Simon was very sedate and quiet; he had a normal temperature and a normal heart rate. Palpation of the neck and abdomen did not elicit any pain.  Radiographs showed a needle lodged in the very back of Simon’s throat near the first vertebrae.

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Anesthesia in the Geriatric Patient

Burl is a 16 year old Chow Mix who was seen by Dr. Sarah Hann in early January.  Burl’s family had just moved to Bozeman and wanted to establish themselves with a veterinarian.  For the most part, Burl was a picture of health, especially for an elderly patient.  His owner’s only complaint was his bad breath.  Physical exam revealed significant dental disease with severe tartar, gingival recession, and halitosis, all of which was contributing to considerable oral pain.  Dr. Hann’s recommendation was to perform full mouth radiographs and a dental cleaning.  Burl’s owner was very concerned about putting her 16 year old dog under anesthesia. 

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Rodenticide Poisoning and Auto-Transfusion

Cisco is a 6 year old mixed breed dog that was rescued from Mexico approximately 5 years ago. He was normally a very athletic dog, frequently running with his owner. Late one Friday afternoon, the owners returned from a funeral to find that Cisco was having difficulty breathing.They immediately took him to their regular vet, who discovered that Cisco was bleeding into his chest and was very pale.The referring veterinarian was concerned about poison or a mass on Cisco’s heart, and sent him to Gallatin Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Mark Albrecht for potential surgery to stop the bleeding.

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The Importance of Preoperative Blood Work

Current blood work as close as possible to the day of surgery can prevent surgical and anesthetic complications.

Bridger presented for a dental cleaning at GVH on an early morning in September. He had been examined six months earlier and blood work was done at that time. However, due to his owner's schedule, he was able to come in for a dental cleaning at that time. Because the blood work was six months old, the veterinarian in charge of his care recommended repeating the blood work prior to anesthesia and the dental cleaning. The owner agreed to have in-house blood work run that morning. The blood work revealed that Bridger had life-threateningly low blood protein levels.

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GVH News


In case you missed it in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle,  Gallatin Veterinary Hospital became the first clinic in the state to have a NewTom Cone Beam CT Scanner.  


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